Honeybee Productions is a high-achieving production company, which offers creative content and many flexible solutions.

Honeybee Productions is a high-achieving production company with 20 years of experience in the Greek corporate and advertising audiovisual productions.

With a rich and impressive portfolio in audiovisual productions for the public and private sector, but mostly with an insatiable drive to be creative, we transform filming process into a unique experience. Our main goal is always to help our customers reach their target-audience.

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Why to shoot in Greece - Cash Rebate 40%

Greece has innumerous beaches, amazing sunsets, breathtaking landscapes, historic monuments and ancient cities, mountains, sea, green inland, picturesque villages, lakes, islands and abundant sunlight for 250 days per year!

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Satisfied clients are second nature to us


Honeybee Productions is a member of the business associations that promote the interests of technology and the creative industry.